Monday, January 10, 2011


In order to promote understanding and co-operation between parents and teachers for the overall betterment of the students it has been decided to form the Parent Teacher Association in Vel’s Vidyashram, Pallavaram, Chennai – 600043.
The first kick off meeting was held on 08-01-2011 at 10.30 AM in Shivalaya Auditorium of Vel’s Vidyasharam.

There was a good response from the parents at the Shivalaya Auditorium for the meeting. The School Management was represented by The Dean Mr. Venkatachalam, Principal Mrs. JaiLakxmi Rammoorthy, Vice Prinicpal Mrs. Ramaya Ramanan, KG coordinator  Mrs. Premalatha. L and Primary  coordinator Ms. Katheeja. J.A.

The Agenda of the Meeting:

  • Welcome address by the Parent Representative Mr. Ramesh. K.C.
  • Presidential speech by the  Parent Representative Mr. Jayakumar. K.
  • Felicitation address by the Dean Mr. Venkatachalam. V.
  • Felicitation address by the Principal Mrs.JaiLaxmi Rammoorthy
  • Introduction of Parent Representative who are pillars in forming the VPTA.
  • Vote of thanks by Parent Representative Mr. Ganesh. V

The VPTA meeting compering speech was delivered by Parent Representative Mr. Elavarasan.K,  and was instrumental in coordinating the entire function.

Welcome Address

Mr. Ramesh warmly welcomed the Parents and School Management who were gathered at the formation meeting of Vel's Parent Teachers Association. He also briefed the importance in forming the VPTA.

Presidential Speech

Mr. Jayakumar highlighted the following points in his introductory speech and requested every parent of Vel’s Vidyashram to be part of VPTA:

  • The Importance of having Parent Teacher Association.
  • How VPTA will work for children and their growth.
  • The benefits of being member of VPTA.
  • Difference between Members and Committee Members.
  • The objectives and aims of VPTA.
Before ending his speech, he emphasized on the point that the VPTA will be purely educational, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-political. He also mentioned that the VPTA will not seek to interfere in the administrative matters of the school.

Felicitation Address

The Dean Mr. Venkatachalam, started off his address by saying “from now on ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ between parents and teachers would be changed as ‘WE’”. 

He  gave a whole hearted welcome to the formation of VPTA and also congratulated the Parents effort in forming VPTA.  He appreciated the objectives of VPTA and assured that with the support of  VPTA all the objectives are achievable and the school will support to achieve the same.  He also mentioned that every Student and parent  should be proud of being associated with Vels Vidyashram. He said that the formation of VPTA is an excellent initiative and we all will join hands in the functioning of VPTA and he would be pleased to provide full support of the school management and make VPTA a healthy association which would benefit the students and teachers.

Felicitation Address

The Principal Mrs. JaiLaxmi Rammoorthy, started addressing the gathering by saying she is very proud to be part of this association and it was been the dream of the management and principal which has come true today. She was really impressed by the Objective of VPTA and the first line of the objective (VPTA will work for children) instigated her for this speech, she also insisted that the ultimate goal of VPTA should be the welfare of the students. She was confident that with the support VPTA she would be able to make Vel’s Vidyashram as one the Top 5 Schools in Chennai. She concluded by saying that this is a good beginning and this day (8th Jan 2011) is going to be a remarkable day, a day etched in the memory of every one, the start of Vel’s Parent Teacher Association.

Vote of thanks

Mr. Ganesh, conveyed his sincere thanks to every member of school representative and parents for spending their valuable time for this occasion.  He also expressed  special thanks to  Mrs. Arthi Ganesh, Pro Chancellor Vels group of institutions,  for supporting the parents in starting the Vels Parent Teacher Association. The meeting was concluded with the National Anthem

The following parents and teachers are nominated by VPTA in order to form the Executive committee:

1                      Mr. K.Jayakumar                          Parent Member
2                      Mr. K.C.Ramesh                          Parent Member
3                      Mr. V.Ganesh                              Parent Member
4                      Mr. G.Srinivasan                          Parent Member
5                      Mr. M. Prabakaran                      Parent Member
6                      Ms. Devishree                             Parent Member
7                      Mr. S.Thanigaivel                        Parent Member
8                      Mr. V.Venkatachalam                 Teacher Member
9                      Mrs. JaiLaxmi Rammoorthy        Teacher Member
10                  Mrs. Ramya Ramanan                Teacher Member                               
11                  Mrs. Premalatha. L                     Teacher Member
12                  Ms. Katheeja. J.A                        Teacher Member

The Committee has decided to Officially Register the VPTA on 19th January 2011 and the next Committee meeting would be held on 29-01-2011 @ 10 a.m.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vels Parent Teacher Association - Invitation

Objective of Vels Parent Teacher Association


About Vel’s Parent Teacher Association (VPTA)
 VPTA will work for children, meet together, study problems, support teachers, volunteer in schools, attend workshops on parenting and become informed on issues regarding children. Children will have a better chance of achieving in school when parents are involved with the school. PTA is one way to become involved. As a VPTA member, you are more informed and involved as a parent. The benefits you receive as a VPTA member are opportunities to meet and talk with other parents who have the same worries and concerns.
Every parent of the Vel’s Vidyasharam can be a member of the VPTA, whose main aim will be to solve the problems between students and teachers. One parent from every division and one teacher from every class will be a part of the executive committee of the PTA.
To operate effectively VPTA we will have mechanisms in place whereby we can establish the views of the Parents, Students and Teachers on matters relating to the school. In this way we can select activities that will promote parental and student involvement.
While all parents and teachers of students of Vel’s Vidyashram are members of the parent teacher association, the majority do not need to be involved in the day-to-day activities of the association. The VPTA will elect a committee who manage the responsibilities of the VPTA on behalf of all the parents.

The following are some of the objectives in which VPTA will work towards
·         To create Vel’s Vidyashram, as one best and well known of the Top 5 schools in Chennai.
·         To work for the improvement of the school with the united efforts of parents, teachers and school  authorities.
·         Arranging talks on topics of interest to parents, e.g. guest speaker on parenting, discipline etc.
·         Safety and Health Measure for the Students.
·         Preparing school handbooks, calendars etc.,
·         Organising welcome events for new students to the school.
·         Measure to improve Weaken students.
·         Develop Infrastructure at School.
·         Ensure EVERY Parent will feel Proud in giving their child education at Vel’s Vidyashram.
·         Providing support, organisational input to major school events.
·         To help parents and teachers to adopt themselves to the changing concepts of society.
·         Channelling parents views on school policy issues to the Principal, Management.
·         Contributing to school newsletter.
·         Helping to organise and supervise extracurricular activities.
·         Organising Fund Raising Events for the school.

Parents will be considered as a stake holder in the improvement of the school. This Association will be purely educational, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-political. It will not seek to interfere in the administrative matters of the school.