Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minutes of meeting held on 15-12-2010 at Vel’s Vidyashram School

Ganesh Venkatraman (Parent),
K.C. Ramesh (Parent),
Mr. V.Venkatachalam (Dean),
Mrs. Jayalakshmi  Ramamoorthy (Principal),

Based on the discussion had by a group of parents on 11-12-2010 with the Dean and principal, two parents representative have been nominated (Ramesh & Ganesh) to collect the database (Contact Numbers) of all the Vel’s  Vidyashram parents, to communicate the proposed formation of  Parent-Teachers Association
Dean Mr. Venkatachalam denied giving the database, due to secutity reason. But agreed to communicate a circular to all the parents through the students (See the Circular copy below), he also agreed to communicate the same through SMS which would carry a cut-off date of 21-12-2010 to return the tear off slip.
The feedback (tear-off sheet) of the circular communication will be shared with us and also the SMS reply feedback. 
Also we have made a specific request with the Dean regarding the laying of approach road.  In this connection we request all parents along with school management to give a letter to the concerned authorities like The Municipal Commissioner, The Municipal Chairman and the Member of Councillor of Ward 12.
Action Plan:
Let’s us all meet on 18-12-2010 @ 9 AM to discuss and sign on the letter to be handed over to the concerned authorities regarding the approach road laying.  Also we need to discuss on how to take forward the proposed formation of Parents - Teachers Association.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meeting with Dean on 11th Dec 2010 at 9.30AM

Request everyone to gather on 11th Dec at 9.30AM for Parents-Management meeting. We would get clarification on building structure issues from the management on that day. Also we would submit the letter contains the school issues.

Meet you on 11th Dec at school.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A mail from one of the parent

I am one of the parents of II std child.
Since we both are working, I came to know about the tragedic incident a few days later thro another parent. It was pathetic and very irresponsible from the school's end.

I consulted my father who is a gazetted civil Engineer. The need of the moment is we need to enquire the school authorities about the Building stability report for the entire school buildings through a proper engineer, definitely no through the Management recommended engineers. Let them give the report infront of the parents so that no manipulation of records take place.

Moreover this issued should be moved along with a staunch local politicians like counselor or any communist activist, so that they cannot be escaped from any loopholes. Please think abt this issue.
This can happen to any child at any time for which this is a preventive measure.

I would like to extend my help at any level, since this hold top priority. They should allow us to view the damaged room and we ourselves can consult with good engineers based on the photos if we take that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Parents Meeting Held on 4th Dec' 10

Following points/issues have been raised by various parents.
These issues need to be rectified immediately by Vels Vidyashram School Management. As a parents we all would like to help and make the school more safer place to the students.

1. Report for building infrastructure is to be provided.
2. Parents-Management association to be formed immediately.
3. Discussion regarding safety issues.
4. Avoiding playing songs in school vans.
5. Teachers who is accompanying in the van should be strict as in the school, till all the students reaches home.
6. A substitute teacher has to be arranged during the leave of scheduled teachers and ayyas should not be asked to take care of the classes.
7. Toilets should be maintained neatly with adequate amount of water needed.
8. Class room safety and neatness.
9. Identity cards should be given to the wards immediately.
10. ID cards and UNIFORM should be given for van drivers.  
11. Lady assistant should be there with each van till the last dropping point.
12. Cycle parking stand should be provided for the Students.
13. More than one entrance has to be provided for teachers and students in each building to avoid stampede.
14. Specific identification should be there for contract vehicles.
15. Van drivers and attainders should be more discipline with the students inside and outside of school campus.
16. When the Van drivers are absence, they should have informed to the respective parents (whose ward travelling in the Van) about change of drivers.
17. Play ground issues.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Would you like to post in this blog or publish a Article? Write mail to

Also E-mail for anyother information or clarification.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Request everyone to assemble 9AM at school on 4th Dec'10.

We are trying to gather all the parent of Vels Vidhyashram on 4th Dec 2010. This meeting would help us to categorize our requirement to improve the school. Also we sit together and decide or we write down the problems that we are facing till now and we handover the suggestion document to Dean on 11th Dec 2010 meeting.
Also the meeting would help us to initiate parent teachers association.
Request everyone to assemble 9AM at school on 4th Dec'10. Also pass the message to your near and dear Vels parent and invite them to join in the meeting.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Request all the parents to Sign-in and follow to be a part of this forum..

Around 100 parents gathered today to talk about the 2nd standard class room ceiling issue.

Mr.Venkatachalam, Dean of Vels group took responsible for the incident happened and he promised everyone to evaluate the building structure with Engineers and builders. We required a written document to see the building is good enough to accommodate all the children. Mr.Dean announces to get the evaluation document ready by 11th Dec 2010.

So, we all have to gather once again on 11th Dec. Meeting time will be posted in this blog as soon as we get response from Mr.Dean.

We all pray for the little sweet heart to get recover soon, who injured in the incident.