Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minutes of meeting held on 15-12-2010 at Vel’s Vidyashram School

Ganesh Venkatraman (Parent),
K.C. Ramesh (Parent),
Mr. V.Venkatachalam (Dean),
Mrs. Jayalakshmi  Ramamoorthy (Principal),

Based on the discussion had by a group of parents on 11-12-2010 with the Dean and principal, two parents representative have been nominated (Ramesh & Ganesh) to collect the database (Contact Numbers) of all the Vel’s  Vidyashram parents, to communicate the proposed formation of  Parent-Teachers Association
Dean Mr. Venkatachalam denied giving the database, due to secutity reason. But agreed to communicate a circular to all the parents through the students (See the Circular copy below), he also agreed to communicate the same through SMS which would carry a cut-off date of 21-12-2010 to return the tear off slip.
The feedback (tear-off sheet) of the circular communication will be shared with us and also the SMS reply feedback. 
Also we have made a specific request with the Dean regarding the laying of approach road.  In this connection we request all parents along with school management to give a letter to the concerned authorities like The Municipal Commissioner, The Municipal Chairman and the Member of Councillor of Ward 12.
Action Plan:
Let’s us all meet on 18-12-2010 @ 9 AM to discuss and sign on the letter to be handed over to the concerned authorities regarding the approach road laying.  Also we need to discuss on how to take forward the proposed formation of Parents - Teachers Association.
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  1. We will make more people from this weekend, I appreciate you for giving effort for all our children, we will meet on 18th Dec.


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