Sunday, December 5, 2010

Parents Meeting Held on 4th Dec' 10

Following points/issues have been raised by various parents.
These issues need to be rectified immediately by Vels Vidyashram School Management. As a parents we all would like to help and make the school more safer place to the students.

1. Report for building infrastructure is to be provided.
2. Parents-Management association to be formed immediately.
3. Discussion regarding safety issues.
4. Avoiding playing songs in school vans.
5. Teachers who is accompanying in the van should be strict as in the school, till all the students reaches home.
6. A substitute teacher has to be arranged during the leave of scheduled teachers and ayyas should not be asked to take care of the classes.
7. Toilets should be maintained neatly with adequate amount of water needed.
8. Class room safety and neatness.
9. Identity cards should be given to the wards immediately.
10. ID cards and UNIFORM should be given for van drivers.  
11. Lady assistant should be there with each van till the last dropping point.
12. Cycle parking stand should be provided for the Students.
13. More than one entrance has to be provided for teachers and students in each building to avoid stampede.
14. Specific identification should be there for contract vehicles.
15. Van drivers and attainders should be more discipline with the students inside and outside of school campus.
16. When the Van drivers are absence, they should have informed to the respective parents (whose ward travelling in the Van) about change of drivers.
17. Play ground issues.


  1. 18. Approch Road to the School to be layied properly

  2. I agree, roads to school are not proper. But its govt. responsibility and not the school management.

    School management could approach local municipality or concern person for the road issues. This could be done very easily through Parents-management association, if we have one.

  3. Hi, Just i would like to share a small piece of information here. Today i had seen a van (VELS VIDHYSHRAM board is seen in the side of the van) at Chrompet, which picks up public (office goers) at 9.00 am. May be, this is why the vans are moving out of the school immeidately after dropping the children at school @ 8.15 am, which is a major cause for the traffic jam outside the school gate during the morning.

    By the way, is there meeting on 11th December with Dean? Request someone to confirm! Otherwise, we can plan our other activities on that Saturday

  4. One more point that i would like to add in the list of points for discussion with the Dean is: The First Aid hospital - BM hospital - i doubt whether it is a fully equipped one to handle the emergency cases? May be Kamakshi Mission Hospital (a relatively big and quite nearer to the school) which can handle the emergencies well, may be referred!

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