Monday, December 6, 2010

A mail from one of the parent

I am one of the parents of II std child.
Since we both are working, I came to know about the tragedic incident a few days later thro another parent. It was pathetic and very irresponsible from the school's end.

I consulted my father who is a gazetted civil Engineer. The need of the moment is we need to enquire the school authorities about the Building stability report for the entire school buildings through a proper engineer, definitely no through the Management recommended engineers. Let them give the report infront of the parents so that no manipulation of records take place.

Moreover this issued should be moved along with a staunch local politicians like counselor or any communist activist, so that they cannot be escaped from any loopholes. Please think abt this issue.
This can happen to any child at any time for which this is a preventive measure.

I would like to extend my help at any level, since this hold top priority. They should allow us to view the damaged room and we ourselves can consult with good engineers based on the photos if we take that.

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